We need to get new people involved!

A Call for Nominations

We are currently looking for people that
can help us advance the mission of
Binghamton Hockey Booster Club.

With a new team coming in next season it
will be very important we are available to
support the team and staff. All elected will
serve two-year term 2017-2019.

If you are interested, please contact a
member of the nominating committee Tim Orr,
Laurie-Ann Platt, Bridget Traver,
Eric Luckert or Karen Haines.  

All positions are up for nominations.

Nominations will be presented at the
February 7th Booster Club Meeting
and voted on in March
Click Here to read a message from
Booster Club President Theresa Prozeralik
Click Here to read a recap of the
October 10th Meeting written by Jim Maggiore
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The objective of the Binghamton Hockey Booster Club is to further the interest
of hockey in the Community, to boost the morale of the players and to promote
better sportsmanship among the fans and players alike.  Everyone over 18
years of age is welcome to join!!

Join us in support of Hockey here in Binghamton.  Cheer on the Sens, and
come out for our monthly meetings, trips and other events throughout the

If you're not a member, why not?
Welcome To The Official
Binghamton Senators Booster Club Website
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Bridget Traver on the Charities Page
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Booster Club Membership form
The Next General Meeting will be held
on Tuesday, February 7th at 7pm
at the Relief Pitcher
on Conklin Ave in Binghamton
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the Booster Club has planned
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Christmas Party With The Players
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2017 AHL Booster Club Convention